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How To Send Videos Messages By “Say Thanks” To Your Friends, Family From Facebook

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How To Send Videos Messages By “Say Thanks” To Your Friends, Family From Facebook

Post by Technology#boardonly on Thu Nov 27, 2014 12:53 pm

Millions of people are using Facebook every day to connect with the people, and things that matter to them very much. Your friends and family are at the core of your Facebook experience and Facebook always looks for the new ways to help you to celebrate those friendships and relationship. Experiencing this Facebook has launched “Say Thanks” video service, an easy way for the users to make and share, personalized videos to celebrate and to Say Thanks to the people who matters the most in your life.

You can share the “Say Thanks” video to family members, best friends, employs, with old friends and anyone else in your life who you’d like to celebrate. You can create and share, unlimited videos by this amazing service.

It’s a nice gift from Facebook to its users, to share old delightful memories. This video will include the user’s photos and posts as a slideshow, that features highlights of the relationship. So be prepared for lots of “Say Thanks” videos waiting in your News Feed.

Here is how to create “Say Thanks” videos :-

  • 1) To create a Say Thanks video just visit facebook.com/thanks

  • 2) Click on the friend’s name for which you are making the video.

  • 3) As you select your friend, Facebook will generate a preview of the video.

  • 4) Now you have to choose a theme like Family, Friends.

  • 5) Choose posts and photos to include into the video to represent your feelings.

  • 6) You have to choose 5 photos

  • 7) When you are ready, and then click on share You can write a personalized message before posting it.

  • Cool As you post the video you and your friend will get a notification to watch the video.

  • 9) You can tag the video.


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