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How to hack into a Password Locked Windows 7 system using CMD

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How to hack into a Password Locked Windows 7 system using CMD

Post by Technology#boardonly on Wed Apr 15, 2015 11:43 am

Most of the people use a secret password to secure their computer. Techews is back with it’s tricks, the first one of the year, but this time a bit “Wicked”. This article will help you geeks to Hack a password locked Windows 7 system using CMD. If you don’t know what is a CMD or what is the purpose of it, check this link for info: CMD-Command Prompt

This method will allow you to remove the existing password (which you have forgotten/don’t know) and reset the password to your like. It’s Simple but effective. Just follow the given steps properly.
Steps to be followed:

1) Make the system have a hard shutdown. This can be done by pressing the On/Off button on your computer while the “Starting Windows” screen is active. Do this as many times until you get the ‘Windows Error Recovery’ screen as shown below.

2) In it select the “Launch Startup Repair (recommended)” and a startup recovery option will appear on the screen.
3) Cancel the “Do you want to use System Restore?” prompt.

4) Wait until Windows has finished repairing your computer. This repairing process will not harm any files present in the system.

5) After waiting, a window will appear saying “Startup repair could not repair your computer.” You will also see an arrow pointing downwards in the bottom left corner (Problem Details). Click on it.
6) Scroll down and click the 2nd link. (Highlighted in the figure below)

7) After completing step 6, a Notepad will open up. Follow the given route shown in bold: File => Open => Computer => Local Disk => Windows => System32
Cool Switch from Text Documents (*.txt) to All Files.

9) Now, in this folder, System32, find an application named sethc and rename it as sethc-bak (creating a backup file). Sethc is an application for the Sticky keys program and renaming it won’t do any harm to your computer.
Also, find the application named cmd and create a copy of it in the same folder(system32). Rename the copy file as sethc.

10) Close all opened windows and select ‘Finish’ and Restart your system.

11) When the Password screen appears, hit Shift 5 times. Command Prompt(Cmd) with admin privileges is opened by doing so.
12) Enter this code into cmd: net user[username]* to change the [username]’s password. You will not be able to see the new entered password, so enter it wisely and carefully.

13) After you have successfully changed the password, you can close the cmd screen.
14) Enter the new password you’ve set in the password screen of Windows 7, that’s all, you will now successfully enter the system.
If you like it, Please don’t forget to share our article. Thank you.
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