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Top Torrent Downloader’s For Windows

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Top Torrent Downloader’s For Windows

Post by Technology#boardonly on Thu Dec 04, 2014 3:59 pm

Torrents are often used to share and download copyrighted material while others see them as a great way to spread viruses. This technology has many legitimate applications. You might use torrents to grab more than a million files at the Internet Archive, faster with more reliably than a conventional HTTP download. There’s been some considerable controversy along the way. The main problem is that browsers won’t download torrents. They does not have the required advance features and might take forever to download a file. So you’ll need a specialist torrent client to help.

Now the question is which torrent downloader is suitable for you. You can find a lot of downloader, but you have to choose the best. Given below is a list of some selected torrent downloader’s, you can use any of them. They can work in most of the operating systems like windows, Mac and Linux. Read on below to know the best features and option in downloader’s.


client is from the BitTorrent company (which now also owns uTorrent) which started the whole torrent thing. This torrent client is not ad free in the free version. BitTorrent has already become a hugely popular technology. It has an efficient peer-to-peer file sharing protocol which makes it easy and quick to distribute files across the internet. It has speed-boosting features but they’re not as effective as you’d like them to be.

It’s a most capable torrent client to use. It is fast, lightweight, easy to use and with convenient features like the ability to play media files before they’re fully downloaded.


Deluge is an open-source and cross-platform BitTorrent client that can be used in Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It uses libtorrent as its backend. You can run Deluge on a remote system, It has a plug-in system that supports all the features you’d expect: DHT, peer exchange, BitTorrent encryption, UPnP, RSS, magnet URLs, per-torrent speed limits, bandwidth scheduling, a web interface and many more.

Deluge’s interface looks very familiar, which looks like uTorrent. Just like Bittorrent, it is lightweight and yet powerful. Go to plugin page to see more features. There are plugins to batch rename files, an RSS plugin to automatically download TV shows, to control upload ratio based on file downloads and a plugin to monitor torrent progress right from your Chrome browser.

The product is totally free. After installing you only will requires few clicks around its interface to understand the software.


is a lightweight torrent client open source, that has the remote control feature we all love so much on BitTorrent. It’s fast and doesn’t use any tricks or boosters for speedup. It just based on the basic things. Its UI is also quite similar. You can find the traditional seeds, peers and trackers panel along with control over the specific file downloads.

It can run on Windows, Linux, Mac and more. The qBittorrent is a Free Software alternative to µtorrent.


is not so lightweight than qBittorrent. It’s the exact opposite of qBittorrent. But the plethora of features make up for it. Vuze is a big app packed with features.

There’s an integrated dedicated subscription section and torrent search engine. Vuze has the web remote feature that lets you control your downloads from anywhere in the world is also very nice. You can play high definition videos without any problems.

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