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Risk Of using facebook autolikers

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Risk Of using facebook autolikers

Post by Technology#boardonly on Thu Nov 27, 2014 2:19 pm

Facebook is best social networking service. It Helps Us to connect with our Friends, Family and Relatives. We use Facebook daily for Chatting with our friends, sharing status and photos for marketing purposes etc. Facebook is full of features. As a normal Facebook User Maximum We can have 5000 Friends. So We share our day to day happenings with our friends in Facebook and we want that we get higher amount of likes but according to Facebook algorith we only get 10-15 likes just because Facebook applied a reach limits at all Facebook Pages,Profiles and Groups. So it is very painful when we don`t get higher likes and comments on our status or photos. Due to this reason many Facebook Users Started Using Auto likes. They use this autolikes service from various Website and get 100-1000+ likes. They Use Auto Likes Just To Show Off and attract users.

How Auto Likes Works?

Yes, This Question Definitely arises in your mind. So Facebook Auto Likers are the best method to gets more than hundreds of likes at your status and photos. Auto likes website collects Your Personal data through token Number. This collected data is used to Generate Likes. Now One more questions arises how they collect data? Whenever someone use these auto likers then these websites access their token number to generate likes. Just take an example if 25 person use any auto liker then they have collected 25 likes. Now if someone use same auto liker then they will get 25 likes on his/her status automatically and than that use also added in the same list.After that total collection become 26 Likes. In the same total number of likes increases day by day within increase of their users. Only way to find total likes available is just depend on how many user already used it to get likes. There are many website who offer auto likes in which they need your token number to get access into your account and then they need status id or photo id where want to show fake likes For Show Off.

Auto Likers Are Harmful Or Not?

According To Facebook auto likers are totally spam and by using auto likers your account can be suspended permanently and there will be no way to recover. This Auto Likers Website May Result to your account hacked because these all websites use access token to work which means you are providing all your personal information to the website. Facebook Token Number is same as Facebook Password which you keep it secretly. So any service which requires access tokens can harm your account.

Suggestions about using Auto Likers :-

Never Use Auto Likers Service From Your original account use a fake account.
Auto Likers need Access Token Number which works like a password. So using it through your personal account may result your account compromised.
Getting Auto likes on Status or Photo is also against Facebook usage terms & conditions. So Facebook may take strict action on Liking and commenting and results into account disable.

So i hope this tutorial is very helpful for you make clear all the facts about Facebook auto likes. I know you want to likes but i suggest you that always use Auto likers with precautions and safety.

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